The Raspberry Heights Workshop in Jackson Heights – Computer Building Classes for Kids

Children’s computer workshop in Jackson Heights  teaches children how to use Raspberry Pi microcomputers.

raspberry pi computer

One of Jackson Heights’ best kept secrets is out! The Raspberry Heights Workshop in Jackson Heights is no ordinary computer workshop geared toward children.  While most courses of this type teach children to use applications and maybe some computer vocabulary/language, this workshop teaches children hands-on technology.  Computers called Raspberry Pi are used for this purpose.  These are microcomputers that were developed in England for the sole purpose of promoting computer education.  They are compact in size, perfect for children’s small hands to work with.

The workshop center offers a unique and fresh opportunity for young children to learn a different aspect of computer technology.  This approach is a more creative one; it encourages children to build these microcomputers by hand, create music using coding, explore programming environments, install and play games and use Interfacing to connect Raspberry Pi to other electronics.

This program is available to children ages 6 – 11 years old.  The instructor works with small groups of about 4 children at a time, because it allows for a more personal experience.  Children within this age range will be thrilled to be able to participate in such hands-on learning.  The location is in Jackson Heights, Queens.  Owner, Ron Callahan still plans to expand his business even further to incorporate advanced courses allowing children to bring their own fresh ideas where they could be helped and taught to create them on their own.

Here is a You Tube video of Olivia, the owner’s daughter, demonstrating how to put a Raspberry Pi together:

Find The Raspberry Heights Workshop
Jackson Heights Early Learning Center Annex
7910 34th Avenue
Jackson Heights, NY 11372-2437

Cost: Beginner programs start at $150 for four sessions.

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