Pitchoun Designs- Locally Made Hair Accessories in Long Island City

Queens based company Pitchoun Designs creates timeless handmade hair accessories for children in Long Island City. 

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Pitchoun Designs was established in August of 2013 and is now providing modern hair accessories for fashionable young ladies.Queens local mom, Lacey Obry, started making her own hair accessories as a hobby, when she was pregnant with her first daughter. The name Pitchoun was a collaboration between Lacey and her husband who is French. In the south of France, “Pitchoun” is  a term of endearment for a child meaning “little one”. Then, “Designs” was attached to the end of it to not limit herself to accessories only.As a former hair stylist for six years prior to her birth, Lacey’s passion for making hair beautiful never ceased. Instead, her work transformed to create style in a different way. She started giving her creations as gifts to friends and people began to admire her work. Over time local moms began making requests for their very own original pieces, which sparked the idea for Lacey to start her own company.

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When Lacey saw that a new boutique called Tiny You had opened up in the neighborhood, she visited the store’s owner Jill, to see if she had any local designers for children’s accessories. Since there was a need for one, Jill was interested in seeing her creations. In August she put together a selection of accessories for Tiny You. Jill adored them and purchased every last one for the store. Lacey’s inspiration first and foremost comes from her two daughters Lea & Zoe. Her love of fashion prompts her to create simple classic accessories that speak to girls. The continual change in hairstyling and fashion keep her on her toes and she is further inspired on her yearly trips to France. In France, there is simplicity and beauty in fashion, but it is never boring. While there she is observing the fashion all around her and brimming over with ideas of what she can create. Her husband is French and she has embraced French culture.

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Her motivation stemmed from the lack of modern hair accessories on the market for girls. Lacey had a hard time finding accessories that weren’t too girly or over the top, so she decided to create what she couldn’t find. She strives to be innovative and creative with her designs. Leather is one of the unique materials she has been working with this fall. Her inspiration and materials vary with the seasons. Lacey considers the practical needs of the children during different seasons and works from there. In the spring and summer, she uses lightweight fabrics such as crochet lace, light cottons and linens with light or bright colors. She creates more headbands during the warmer seasons since she knows from experience that her daughter gets hot running around. She wears her hair up to keep her hair out of her face. In the colder months she uses thick heavy textured fabrics and creates more hair clips than hair bands. For winter she crochets head warmers with special embellishments like flowers, buttons or beads. Let’s face it not every child is into wearing hats and head warmers are a nice compromise to do the trick.

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The combination of timeless creations with modern details is the secret behind Lacey’s design success. She tires to stay away from Flamboyant or large accessories that can quickly go out of style. Lacey aims to create an accessory that your daughter can grow up with. The choice of fabric she mixes into her pieces she considers modern for what she sees the “typical” little girl wearing. To top it off she is playful with her detail stitching using colorful threads as bold accents to give them something a little different.  She loves using textured fabric and patterns to make her designs fun. It is all a science and about precision, by paying close attention to every detail from the sizing of the bows, to how they fall in place on the head.

Favorite Local Places to Visit: As a stay at home mom, Lacey & her girls frequent Gantry Plaza State Park’s playground known to locals as “Rainbow Park” and Andrew’s Grove, better know as “Shady Park”. Their go to lunch spots are Tuk Tuk and Comunitea. On their walks in the neighborhood they love to stop in Tiny You to see what unique treasure they can find.


1455902_609776669083384_611179513_nFind Pitchoun Designs: Lacey is currently selling her creations at Tiny You and on Etsy. Check her Facebook page for updates.







Written by: Kelly O’Neil