La Stella Della Mamma Offers Baby-Safe and Stylish Necklaces for Parents

1798781_10202520364903249_1261130088_nDisclosure: This post was sponsored by La Stella Della Mamma.

Moms love to wear necklaces, and babies love to pull on them and place them in their mouths. How can moms stay stylish while keeping their little ones safe?

La Stella Della Mamma offers a great solution. La Stella Della Mamma, or Stella Mamma for short, is Italian for “The Mother’s Star.” The company was established in August of 2013 by a mom who was seeking a necklace that would make her sparkle and still be safe for her baby.

These necklaces are BPA free, and use same silicone as pacifier so the necklaces are very baby friendly.

You don’t have to worry about your baby’s face getting scratched by your necklace or baby pulling and sucking on it and ruining it. It is not just about the baby. You don’t even need a baby for these necklaces, because necklace itself is very stylish and made with high quality materiel.

These necklaces are also very gentle on skin. Since they are metal-free and nontoxic, they are a great choice for inexpensive healthy daily life for people that have sensitive skin and are allergic to metal products. Many people are surprised by how many toxins are contained in metal jewelry.

Talking about money? Unlike metal, these are easy to take care of (dish washer safe) and won’t rust or tarnish. You can use this stylish necklace after baby grows up too.

Stella Mamma creates new stylish designs and uses daring colors to go with fashions for every season and every member of the family (even for kids or dad!). There are a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from for a stylish look that also helps to develop sensory skills of little ones. La Stella Della Mamma strives for new and trendy designs each year and promises to keep up with fashion trends for new mothers every season, because you deserve it.

For more information, please visit the  Stella Mamma Facebook page.