Grab A Sick Deal On Cirque Du Soleil Tickets And Check Out Amaluna in Queens

Local Teen Reviews Cirque Du Solei’s Amaluna & Tells You Why You Should Check It Out Now!

Cirque Amaluna

The latest show to strike New York City is the ground-breaking acrobatics performance, Amaluna. Located at City Field, NYC, Amaluna wowed its audiences with its ability to astonish viewers, without the use of any animals. This show is said to be one of the first Cirque Du Soleil shows that has a cast composed almost entirely of women. The writers of the show did an outstanding job of telling the story of unexpected love, found between a young man and woman. A captain and his crew are found, washed up on the bizarre, Amazonian island, Amaluna. While the crew faces the wonders within Amaluna, Miranda, the main character, falls in love with one of the many handsome men among the wrecked ship. As the show progresses, audiences experience the daring love story between these two graceful characters. But there is a vast variety of components incorporated into producing a Cirque Du Soleil show, besides the story telling.


During our recent visit to Amaluna, we were given a backstage tour and introduced to many of the performers, and were able to see and experience the many pieces that make Cirque Du Soleil as incredible as it is. We met with one of the Amazonian characters from the show, Melanie, while still in full costume and makeup. She spoke to us about her own personal experience as a gymnast, her progress as a performer, and how these shows have impacted her. Melanie, and many other people involved with the shows were able to provide us with an entirely new perspective on the magic behind these shows. According to our guide, most Cirque shows take up to a year to coordinate, plan, choreograph, and overall produce. Melanie took the time to speak to us, and informed us that she, along with the majority of the cast, have had experience in gymnastics all their lives. Next we were informed that there are multiple cast members that are as young as fourteen years old. Because of this, the crew has a trailer designated entirely to the schooling of those that have not officially graduated high school. As we made our way through the back portion of the stage, we explored the ways in which Amaluna was constructed. Directly behind the stage, there is a large room in which the cast change into costume, practice their acts, relax between shows, and exercise. The wardrobe, makeup, hair, medical, exercise, and changing rooms are all located in this one vacant space. One could say the cast for Amaluna have become accustomed to this area as their primary living space.

Overall, the dazzling experience of Amaluna seems like a mystical circus performance on the outside, but is a far more complex, dexterous lifestyle for all those involved. The Cirque Du Soleil producers are responsible for maintaining a stable, livable environment for those who perform in these shows. Although the show requires persistent and relentless dedication, the passion in which the performers possess simply adds to the ground-breaking experience of Amaluna.