The Importance of Early Childhood Development from Preschool through 2nd Grade

82ndst05Disclosure: This post was sponsored by 82nd St. Academics.

The most fruitful and most fragile time of development in your child’s life is Preschool through 2nd grade. The research findings are subtle – and many parents spend money casually without knowing it will do some good.

Early childhood development is fragile. Some studies have shown that a single experience such as 3 year old half day Preschool or UPK have no lasting developmental effect by the beginning of 2nd grade.  The least satisfied parents are those without a plan. They are not convinced that Preschool is needed, but decide to place their child at a center two days a week as insurance.  Their child receives so little that the belief becomes self fulfilling.

Young children are very good about remembering facts, ABC’s and rules, but their minds are not as well developed for concepts.  They quickly learn to count their numbers, but the concept of number operators (addition, subtraction) does not go into permanent memory as quickly.

If you are a parent of a three year old, now is the time to decide if you are committing to an educational system from Age 3 – early 2nd grade. A developmental system for the early years prevents concept leakage.  Planned early development is an exciting fruitful time. Children are able to work with concepts and remember them with regular reinforcement. A system might include a summer experience in each of those years as well as after school in grades K and 1.

82nd Street Academics helps parents plan their system. Our classroom cameras allow parent access so that they remain key to the developmental process. We use regular assessments to create an individualized development plan for each student. Our interest centers and state of the art playground develop the whole child. If you are planning early steps to college, let us help!

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