Free & Low Fee Psychological Services for Parents & Kids at Queens College

The Queens College Psychological Center (QCPC) is a community mental health service, as well as a training and research center operated by the: PhD Program in Clinical Psychology  At Queens College and The Department of Psychology, Queens College City University of New York. QCPC is currently offering free and low fee psychosocial services to parents and kids in the Queens  community by way of their clinical services and workshops.  They make it easy on parents to access these services by providing child care ( for ages 3+). Affordable therapy and childcare? win win! Check out their current offerings below:

As part of their community service mission, Queens College Psychological Center (QCPC) is currently offering a free Stress Management  and Depression Treatment Program. (Childcare for age 3 and above is provided)  Stress and Depression can drain your energy, hope, and productivity, and affect your relationships with those you love.  If you have stress, mild depression that isn’t improving, or you have moderate depression, CBT treatment may be very helpful to you.  A screening is required, and if appropriate  you would then be eligible to receive 8-12 individual sessions at no fee. All QCPC programs are based on extensive research, and adopt a collaborative stance that encourages you to work on changing how you feel by putting into practice what you have learned.

Queens College Psychological Center (QCPC) is offering a Children’s Anxiety Group for children ages 7 to 10, with unwanted fears, worries, and shyness. Facing Anxiety with Courage & Empowerment (FACE) creatively incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychoeducation & practice. This program is based on extensive research, with the goal of helping children learn (in a supportive and encouraging environment) to cope more effectively with anxiety. The group activities will help provide children with tools to face stressful situations more courageously. The group runs on Thursdays from 4:30pm – 6:00pm. Interested participants will be offered a brief phone screening followed by an in person interview to ensure that your child’s needs can be best met by this group. As a community service, most of the cost will be subsidized by the college, such that the fee for participation will be $95.00 (this includes the application, group screening, child group sessions, and parenting sessions). The fee may be further or completely reduced in the case of financial need. No one will be turned away for inability to pay.

Get Info: For more information regarding QCPC’s Stress and Depression Program and children’s anxiety group- Facing Anxiety with Courage & Empowerment (FACE),  please email your contact information (phone number where you may be reached, best time to call you, and if it is okay to leave a message) to:  or call 718-570-0500. Visit us at

Queens College Psychological Center is located on the Queens College Campus:  65-21 Main Street, Flushing, Queens