Sunflower Kidz Daycare offers a safe and nurturing environment that is developmentally appropriate and child-focused for both preschool and Pre-k.

Our curriculum focuses on children becoming successful learners and creative explorers rather than passive learners. Our classroom is designed to nurture children’s intellectual development, self-esteem, independence, cooperation, and creativity. Students have the opportunity to work both individually and in groups at their level while gaining new skills and developing positive social relationships. We keep class sizes small in order to deliver an enriching and supportive learning environment that best develops our student’s abilities based on their own interests.

The goal of our curriculum is to help children become life-long enthusiastic learners. Our curriculum offers math and science, reading and writing, geography, world culture, early literacy, daily music and movement. In addition we offer, art, cooking and music activities to encourage your child’s creativity. Our dependable staff is here Monday-Friday 7:00 am -6:30 pm and we care for children ages 2-6.

Where: Sunflower Kidz Daycare, 100-17 32nd Avenue, East Elmhurst, NY 11369
Phone: 347-709-7793
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Our dependable staff is here Monday-Friday 7:00 am -6:30 pm and we care for children ages 2-6.


What parents are saying about Sunflower Kidz Daycare:

Parent Quote-“The staff is honest and helpful when it comes to what is best for my child. This has been quite helpful in making me feel that my daughter is in good hands each day.”

Parent Quote-“The loving atmosphere that you provide with your personalities and manners make the children feel comfortable, respected and loved.”